Professional Bartender

Professional Bartender 2010

The ideal software for cocktail connoisseurs


  • Easy to use
  • Add your own recipes
  • Alcohol information panel
  • Good search function


  • Looks old fashioned


If you like a cocktail now and again, you're going to love Professional Bartender, a fun and informative program to store, edit and view all your favorite cocktail recipes.

Professional Bartender allows you to add your own recipes or use one of the 251 that come pre-loaded. You can't import recipes in the trial version, but adding them manually is easy, with fields for categorization and room for directions and comments. Professional Bartender also has a good search function that allows you to sift through recipes using a variety of criteria - type of liquor, glass used, cocktail ingredients and even the ideal season to drink it.

Professional Bartender also allows you to modify and print any of the drinks it contains. The recipes are easy to browse through and there's a nice selection, with everything from classics like Christmas Punch and Daiquiris to fun shooters like Mudslides and Jello Shots!

Professional Bartender is a fun, accessible program for all cocktail fans.

Professional Bartender 2010 for Windows is one of the best personal bartending program on the market. It has all of the latest recipes, classic drinks and non-alcoholic mixtures and includes all of the following features:

  • 1050 drink recipes (250 in the shareware version).
  • Ability to add your own recipes to the database.
  • Modify or Delete existing recipes.
  • Ability to import new recipes from our website
  • Search on any field using logical and or statements.

Installation is easy and there's also a online help section. Get mixing now!

Professional Bartender


Professional Bartender 2010

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